Our company specializes in repair, erection, dismantling, and other works at high-rise municipal and industrial buildings.

    The company carries out the following works:

  • Repairs of brick, reinforced concrete, metal chimneys and ventilation pipes
  • Painting of metal constructions
  • Roofing, major repairs of roofs
  • Facade works (repairs, painting, finishing, sealing of joints in panel houses)
  • We place and fit multiple glass units, advertising objects (placards, panels) to high rise buildings
  • Indoor works
  • ÄOther works - the list can be continued endlessly.
  • The works are carried out using the method of "industrial mountaineering" that reduces use of scaffolding and lifting devices and cuts work cost significantly without decreasing its quality.

    The personnel of our company have 10 years of experience in the industrial mountaineering.

    We guarantee the quality and safety of our work.

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